Browsing mounted network shares

Bernard J. Zolp bjz at
Thu Aug 22 17:28:40 BST 2002

Whenever I browse mounted NFS or SMB shares with konquerer I tend to 
lock up those mounts before too long.  The first one or two directory 
listings work ok, but if I refresh once or twice or move to a different 
mount the window will lock up and I will no longer be able to list that 
mount in any other application -- not even a console.  Killing that 
konqueror window does not being back the mount, only a reboot will.  On 
fresh boots I can browse those mounts perfectly within a console or even 
in other apps or other file managers.  At first I thought it was a 
problem with my mounting methods, but seeing that it occurs on both smb 
mounts and nfs mounts I sort of ruled that out.  For what it is worth 
when I browse out to SMB shares using the "smb://server" syntax I can 
get to everything just fine, but this is less useful as it cannot run 
files directly from the server.

I am running KDE 3.02 on a SuSE 8.0 install.  My other computers with 
pre KDE 3.0 installs all seem to be fine when browsing these mounts.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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