Background image problems <SOLVED>

Harry G harrycg at
Fri Aug 16 19:07:44 BST 2002

That was it!  (I guess it was one of those "can't see the forest because of 
all the trees" tihng).


Harry G

On Fri August 16 2002 1:10 pm, Dylan wrote:
> On Friday 16 August 2002 12:35, Harry G wrote:
> > I am using Suse 8.0.  Origionally, I had 2 colors, blending into each
> > other for the background.  If I try to load a wallpaper of any type, the
> > colors remain and become part of the wallpaper I selected.  So now the
> > wallpaper appears washed out with lighter colors, etc.
> >
> > I have tried all settings, but can not get rid of the colors.  If I
> > change them, the effect the wallpaper with the new colors.  It is like
> > the colors can't be turned off.
> >
> > What can I do with this?  (Sorry it is kind of hard to explain without
> > seeing it).
> Check the third tab on the dialog ("Blending") - Sounds like you have
> blending switched on...

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