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Sean McGlynn sean at tmiau.com
Fri Aug 16 18:57:58 BST 2002

On Friday 16 August 2002 02:29, Snow Dragon wrote:
> Hello Sean and everybodies, :-)
> I read your reply and tried to paste the screenshot by using kpaint.
> However, it didn't work. I checked the clipboard after I pressed
> "ctrl-print" and the clipboard was empty. When I run "xev" to check the
> event posted by X, hey! the print-key event was there. Can anyone give
> me some possible explanations on this condition? Thanks.

Hello again Snow Dragon :-)

When you used KPaint, did you use 'Edit -> Paint Image'? That's the simplest 
thing to use. Alternatively, use 'Edit -> Paste' (or just click the 'paste' 
icon) and move the cursor into the drawing area; then click.

Note that the paste menu items or toolbar icon won't be active unless there's 
an image to paste, so, of course, if they are active there is something there 
to paste! :-)

Try starting KPaint and then hit Ctrl+Print. You should see the toolbar paste 
icon become active. If it doesn't, then maybe there is something wrong with 
your setup, or that key combination isn't the one set for printing in the 
Control Centre (Look & Feel -> Key Bindings).

Sean McGlynn
sean at tmiau.com

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