about the shortcut setting of KDE

Snow Dragon lung at thizlinux.com
Fri Aug 16 02:29:32 BST 2002

Sean McGlynn ??:

>On Thursday 15 August 2002 11:42, Snow Dragon wrote:
>>hello everybody,
>>I would like to ask something about the system shortcut setting. I found
>>that there are two shortcuts set. One is "Ctrl+Print" and "Alt+Print".
>>These two are used for screen capture and window capture. However, when
>>I press these 2 shortcuts, Nothing happened! Can anyone tell me how to
>>use these 2 shortcuts?
>>By the way, I know how to use ksnapshot or Gimp to capture the screen, I
>>am just curious about the shortcut setting. If the 2 screen capture
>>controls can be used, that would be very great. Anyway thanks a lot.
>>Snow Dragon
>Hello Snow Dragon :-)
>When you use "Ctrl+Print" or "Alt+Print", the images are saved to the 
>clipboard. You can then paste them into some app, such as KPaint, that allows 
>image pasting.
>KSnapshot is the better tool to use if you want to easily store screenshots 
>as named files.

Hello Sean and everybodies, :-)

I read your reply and tried to paste the screenshot by using kpaint. 
However, it didn't work. I checked the clipboard after I pressed 
"ctrl-print" and the clipboard was empty. When I run "xev" to check the 
event posted by X, hey! the print-key event was there. Can anyone give 
me some possible explanations on this condition? Thanks.

By the way, about my name, I didn't copy it from D&D. I am a Chinese and 
"Snow Dragon" is my chinese name in English and I cannot give a ice 
breath ( I would like to do this in the summer).

Snow Dragon

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