Configuring Web-URL?

Glen Lee Edwards glen at
Thu Aug 15 20:59:52 BST 2002

Is there a way to configure/disable Web-URL?

Generally speaking, I like the concept - highlight any web address and
Web-URL pops up, asking what I'd like to do with the URL.  However,
this behavior is extremely annoying when it does it with URLs already
located in web browsers, and especially when I'm typing said URL into
the location bar.  On Konqueror and Mozilla it covers the location
field so I can no longer type.

1) Is there a way to disable it when a web browser is focussed?

2) Is there a way to move it so that it's pops up in a different
location (upper right corner would work)?

3) Is there a way to disable it without disabling klipper?

4) Is there a way to configure it so that it never has focus unless
 it's clicked on?

5) Just what exactly does klipper do, anyway?


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