misconfigured kde2

Joshua Lokken inspector.us at omicnet.com
Thu Aug 15 18:41:20 BST 2002

Hello all:

I am a newbie.  Is there a more appropriate list for those of us without much of a 
clue?  Anyway, my problem is this (please, if this is documented, send a link):

I have kde2, avifile, and xmms as my mm suite (for now).  OS is FreeBSD 4.6 

1.  When I set xmms as the default mp3 app, and click on an mp3, it enqueues the 
track, but will not play it.  I have to open xmms and open the file from xmms in 
order for it to play.

2.  When using noatun to play mp3, the noatun volume control does not work, and I 
have to open xmms and use it's volume control.

3.  I'm constantly having to kill artsd in order for multimedia files to play.  I'll finish 
an mp3, then attempt to open an avi file, which will play, but with no sound.  I kill 
artsd, and sound works fine.

I previously had mplayer working great, but I tried to build the gui, and it's now 
broken.  Can anyone offer some advice (harsh or not)?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for kde!

Best Regards,

Joshua Lokken
OMIC Portland Branch
inspector.us at omicnet.com

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