Getting Qt on Windows

robert bowman bowman at
Wed Aug 14 04:43:15 BST 2002

On Tuesday 13 August 2002 11:35, MET wrote:
> QT/KDE is great but why spend money on Qt licence when you can write and
> > distribute UI apps in cross platform Java? Anyone offering insights into
> Qt vs Java for UI development?

Most of our UI code is Motif based, and we port it to Windows using the 
DataFocus NutCracker toolkit and the SCO XVision X server. It isn't a great 
solution, as it adds a couple more layers. We did do one test app in Java 
about three years ago; it is noticeably sluggish and sort of klunky looking. 
I'd had great hopes for Java, but between politics and bloat my enthusiasm 
evaporated a while back.

For new cross-platform work, wxWindows is worth a look. It isn't encumbered 
with some of the restrictions of either Qt or Gnome and is pleasant to work 
with. The API is very similar to Windows SDK. For Linux, it can either sit on 
Motif or GTK, and I believe there is a straight X11 version in the works.
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