Solved! -> DCOP Problem with 2 KDE3.0 users & kpersonalizer problem

Dave Anderson r-n-d at
Tue Aug 13 09:42:09 BST 2002

I've been too busy to fool with this until tonight, though I did get 
some excellent suggestions from Sean McGlynn about cleaning up the tmp 
directory. Here is what I did to solve the two problems so that 
everything works properly without manual intervention:

Yes, there were some files that were not getting cleaned up from the 
/tmp folder. I'm pretty sure that the problem file was /tmp/.ICE-unix 
but I added the following as the last line in my startkde script just to 
be safe:

rm -Rf /tmp/.ICE* /tmp/*$USER

Problem solved! I have logged in & out of the offending accounts over a 
dozen times while I worked through the next problem, and not a single 
DCOP error so far! :)

I had started to call this KPesterer and many other less-nice names. 
Turns out I was looking in all the wrong places. I had taken for granted 
that the startkde script was doing its job with respect to KP. Turns out 
the following change to startkde has fixed the problem:

# run KPersonalizer before the session, if this is the first login
grep 'FirstLogin=false' $kdehome/share/config/kpersonalizerrc >/dev/null 
#if test $? -ne 0; then  	#Original FUBAR Version
if $?; then			#Fixed version

It seems that the original test(commented above) always executed the 
contents of the if block, no matter what I put in kpersonalizerrc. The 
shortened version means I never have to see KPesterer again on existing 
accounts! I created a new user to test the other(First Login) case, and 
KP ran as expected on the first login only.

Just like magic...  :)

Thanks to all who tried to help out with these issues.

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson wrote:
> I have KDE 3.0 running on Solaris 8.
> I have spent considerable time trying to debug this problem:
> I have set up a user which I use to test kde3; kdetest is the username. 
> I also have users set up to run CDE & KDE2. Everything was fine up to 
> this point; I could choose any of these users and get the appropriate 
> window system to come up as the default.
> Now, I added some users for my girlfriend to use(she doesn't have time 
> to learn the ins & outs, so I'm trying to make it easy for her) I added 
> robin(default WM=CDE), robink2(default WM=KDE2) and robink3(default 
> WM=KDE3). This way she can test her web development in Netscape/CDE, 
> Konquerer 1.98/KDE2, and Konquerer3/KDE3 without having to know a lot 
> about how to switch things around. So far so good....
> Here is the problem:
> When I log in as kdetest, I get in fine(though I would love to strangle 
> kpersonalizer... I'm sick of it and don't know how to make it go away 
> for good.). When I log out then log in as robink3, I get dcop not 
> running errors, then kpersonalizer, then more dcop errors, then I get 
> kicked back to dtlogin.
> I have checked, and when this happens the $HOME/.DCOP* files are not 
> getting created. (the dcop errors indicate that these files can't be 
> opened)
> If I reboot, then log in as robink3, KDE starts fine; if I then log out 
> and log in as kdetest, the same thing as above happens. I took this to 
> be proof that it is not user-specific. Anyway, I copied .profile and 
> .dtprofile to robink3 from kdetest.
> Other symptoms/things I've tried:
> Permissions on $HOME in either case make no difference; I tried 755, 
> 775, 777 on both directories and get the same results.
> Interestingly, if I reboot, do "ps -ef > file1" from a telnet window, 
> log in via dtlogin as one user, then log out and do "ps -ef > file2" 
> from the telnet window, I see three additional processes running: 
> rquotad, rpc.ttdbserverd, and rpc.rstatd. I tried killing these prior to 
> logging in as the second user, but I get the same results.
> Also, if I am kicked back to the dtlogin window after getting the dcop 
> errors, and I attempt to do a command-line login, the "login" prompt 
> appears as follows(no quotes): "^[[250z"  I try to log in, and it fails. 
> Then I get the expected "login:" prompt, and it works. Strange, eh?
> I have considered moving to a newer version of KDE but there is such a 
> huge amount of effort involved(recompiling from source, since there are 
> no Solaris binaries available) that I want to wait until KDE3.1 is 
> released(not the Alpha).
> If anyone can point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this 
> problem I would really appreciate it...
> Thanks & Regards,
> Dave Anderson

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