K Menu can not be edited with Menu Editor

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Aug 11 04:48:36 BST 2002

Chris C wrote:
> Please find answers included below. I can now see where the problem lies but
> not how to fix it!
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> Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 10:00 PM
> Subject: Re: [kde] K Menu can not be edited with Menu Editor
>>Chris C wrote:
>>>On SuSE Pro8.0 KDE3.0.1
>>>Menu Editor shows lots more stuff than is actually in the menu. They are
>>>not hidden.
>>Have you upgraded to KDE-3.0.x (from something less than 3) or is this a
>>new install?
> An out-of-the-box install of SuSE8.0 Pro
> I did do an online update from SuSE but this screwed up the help centre so I
> may have upset other stuff!
Not to be too pessimistic, but I am afraid so.
>>Can you open a Konsole and execute:
> kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file OpenOffice.org
> 1.0/drawing.desk                 top has Type=Link instead of "Application"
> or "Service"
> kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : OpenOffice.org
> 1.0/drawing.desktop
> kio (KService*): WARNING: The desktop entry file
> SuSE/Games/Board/gtulpas.deskto                 p has Type=Game instead of
> "Application" or "Service"
> kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : SuSE/Games/Board/gtulpas.desktop
> kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service :
> SuSE/Multimedia/Video/susewm.desktop
As you can see something is very wrong here.  The relevant thing is that 
if these "*.desktop" files are not valid that they don't show up on the 
menu.  And I assume that only *.desktop" files with Type=Application 
show up on the menu.

>>Do you get any error messages from it?
>>>Adding even more still yields no change to K Menu.
>>When you add something to the Menu with the Menu Editor, does it create
>>a file in the tree rooted at: ~/.kde/share/applnk/"?
> There are a few
> opt/kde2/share/applnk
> opt/kde3/share/applnk
> opt/office52/share/kde/applnk
> etc/opt/kde3/share/applnk
> home/chris/.kde/share/applnk
> home/chris/.kde2/share/applnk
> If I add an item in Menu Editor in the root  (ie top level in the tree view)
> it is placed in home/chris/.kde/share/applnk but it does NOT appear in THE
> menu. If I add an item in an existing node in the Menu Edit tree then in the
> home/chris/.kde/share/applnk folder it adds the top level folder of the tree
> view and the item within it. But ... yep no change in the menu itself.
This should happen automatically.  But, try opening a Konsole and 
executing: kbuildsycoca again and see if that makes them appear.  If it 
does, you have a minor problem, if not KDE is hosed and I suggest that 
you reinstall KDE.  You do NOT have to reinstall the whole thing because 
this is just a KDE problem.

> It appears from inspection that Menu Editor is showing a combination of
> home/chris/.kde/share/applnk AND opt/kde3/share/applnk.
That is the way it works.  The default menu is installed at the system 
level and then your changes go in your user directory.


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