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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Aug 8 09:39:03 BST 2002

Chris Jensen wrote:

 > I don't have a very good printer at home, so I like to take things to
 > uni to print, but since I'm using open office I need to put the
 > documents in a nice portable format, so I use KDE's print to pdf
 > feature.

How did you get the KDE print stuff to show up in Open Office?

 > Trouble is the result is definately not WYSIWIG. The text always
 > seems to come out in the PDF in bold. I've tried Arial, Arial Narrow
 > and Times New Roman. The text looks very nice in Open Office, but
 > then comes out different in the pdf - how do I fix this. I've tried
 > viewing it in xpdf, kghost and Acrobat [Reader] with the same results
 > - except that xpdf doesn't render arial narrow at all!
So we can conclude that it is the PDF file that is screwed.

Try printing to a PS file with Open Office and see if that file is correct.

If that file is OK, then open a Konsole and execute:

	ps2pdf <file name>.ps <file name>.pdf

and see how that PDF looks in Acrobat Reader.

And, then you might send a bug report to since it appears 
to be choking on Arial Narrow.

NOTE: I tried it and it didn't work either.  I opened the PS file in a 
text editor and guess what: *BOLD*.


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