Recurring "Welcome to KDE 3.0.2!"

Matt Harrell matt at
Mon Aug 5 06:45:17 BST 2002


I recently switched from Red Hat 7.3 to Mandrake 8.2.  Shortly after that 
switch, I upgraded KDE to 3.0.2.  Shortly after that, I started experiencing 
a problem with KDE.  Now, whenever I log in (as either my account or as 
root), I get the "Welcome to KDE 3.0.2!" wizard, asking me to set up my 
preferences.  I don't know what I did to trigger this.  What I suspect is 
that it has something to do with /tmp.  I had, originally, had /tmp as a 
separate, 50 MB, filesystem.  I was running into problems with certain 
programs (OpenOffice, Mozilla) using /tmp for things that required a great 
deal of space.  So, I commented out /tmp in /etc/fstab and simply had it part 
of the / filesystem.  I made sure that /tmp was rwxrwxrwt.  It still has 
there permissions, and seems OK.  However, it was after this that I started 
having the problem.

Any ideas why I keep getting the setup wizard and how to fix it?

Matt Harrell
matt at

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