100% CPU - kdeinit / klauncher

Brian T. Schellenberger bts at babbleon.org
Sun Aug 4 15:24:55 BST 2002

On Sunday 04 August 2002 03:40 am, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
| Tim wrote:
| >
| > I have only had success at running SysGuard as root.
| This is a problem.  On Linux (RH 7.3 modified) it will run as user, no
| problem.  As user, you can only kill the processes which you own, but it
| will show all of them.
| Can you check the permissions of the executable:
| 	ls -l `which ksysguard`
| ??
| They should be root:root:755
| That is: "-rwxr-xr-x" if you aren't used to converting it to Octal.

Mine match that.  (Well, the group is "wheel", but that's just BSDese for the 
"root" group, and root lacks write permissions, but it matches in all 
important respects.)

I'll try posting to FreeBSD groups to see if they have any light to shed on 
this subject.

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