style setting keeps falling back to .net

Janne Karhunen Janne.Karhunen at
Sun Aug 4 15:07:34 BST 2002


I'm running latest stuff from cvs head, and it works fine otherwise,
except for the fact that when ever i apply a new style it is only
applied to windows currently open at the time. Every single window
opened afterwards gets something completely different (.net maybe
- haven't really checked). Anyone else with this same problem, or is
it just me ? Any ideas or wild guesses what goes wrong ? 

I did try to remove kde-*, ksocket-* and mcop-* with no luck. I even
tried to create completely new config (removed .kde/), but no..

System is SuSE 8.0 with latest (stable) stuff in it.
- gcc-2.95.3-219
- glibc-2.2.5-105
- automake-1.5-156
- autoconf-2.52-235
- libtool-1.4.2-215

// Janne

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