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Brian T. Schellenberger bts at
Fri Aug 2 04:00:36 BST 2002

What version of kmail are you using?

My kmail shows embedded images in HTML messages just fine as long as I have 
the checkbox checked to do so.

(Going back to the server to get images &c is a security risk [more of a 
privacy risk, really], so it's under the Security tab under the kmail 

However, it worked in KDE2 as well as KDE3.  I can't recall whether it worked 
in KDE1; that was too long ago for me.

On Wednesday 31 July 2002 04:02 pm, Julio Cesar Gazquez wrote:
| El Mar 30 Jul 2002 19:50, Ingo Klöcker escribió:
| >  KMail doesn't have an addressbook included because KMail is an email
| >  client and no address management program. KMail accesses the KDE
| >  address book and works well together with KAddressbook which is a
| >  separate application.
| >  Since KDE 3 it's possible to create distribution lists in KAddressbook.
| >  After creation they are usable with KMail.
| Do you know anything about improved HTML support? You know, like or not,
| people send HTML emails, some looks ok, most looks ugly (images aren't
| shown into the message but as regular attachments) or didn't look at all
| (base 64 encoded html, I don't care as usually are spam).
| I guess should be kmail and khtml are mature enough to do better
| (Mozilla/Netscape works fine, but is so big!)

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