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Sune Stolborg Vuorela sune at vuorela.dk
Wed Mar 13 09:37:35 GMT 2024

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024 2:35:57 AM CET Hernan Rojas wrote:
> Hi Team!

Hi Hernan Rojas

> I am having an issue with Kleopatra.

You have written to KDE Webmasters, who as such doesn't know much about 

If my comments here isn't enough, I suggest you try the user support channels.
I'm assuming you are getting Kleopatra thru the gpg4win installer; then I 
think the best places to get support, either community support or 
professional, is by looking at 

https://www.gpg4win.org/support.html and 


> I have one user that cannot send emails to her manager.
> I have found the Public Key and Imported to her Pc but when I tried to
> certify is asking me for a passphrase and the user does not know the
> passphrase. I am stuck in this step.
> [https://aus.myconnectwise.net/v4_6_release/api/inlineimages/onplatinum/6fe3
> 655d-a0c7-4790-9081-33331c5c4bca]
> Is there any process to reset this Passphrase?

There is no way to reset the passphrase. If she has forgotten the passphrase, 
she will have to create a new key. 

But note that there is also an infinite number of attempts to get it right.

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