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Le lun. 2 oct. 2023 à 13:28, Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss
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> Dear all,
> at the recent Promo Sprint we addressed the topic of Promo blogging and
> the Dot. The topic was brought up in the context of other discussions
> about blogging at KDE (see [1]). One observation was that the
> communication needs the Dot addresses are being fulfilled elsewhere. For
> instance:
>   * Software releases are posted to the announcements page:
> https://kde.org/announcements/
>   * e.V. news is posted at the e.V. page: https://ev.kde.org/news/
>   * Many teams have their own blogs (https://eco.kde.org/blog/,
> https://gcompris.net/news-en.html, etc.)
>   * Akademy updates are posted at the Akademy page: https://akademy.kde.org/
> Posts to the above blogs also appear on Planet KDE. Moreover, Promo
> announces all news related to the above topics on social media as well.
> In this context, a radical idea came up: perhaps we can archive and
> retire the Dot altogether.
> What does the commmunity think about this proposal?
> Archiving and retiring the Dot will solve the problem of migrating it,
> as it does not get migrated at all, just archived. It helps followers of
> KDE news discriminate more easily between what they want to read about
> and what not. And for followers who want to read everything there's
> always the Planet.
> Additionally, retiring the Dot would help streamline our communication
> and the work that goes into maintaining it, also in terms of
> infrastructure. Any blog posts outside of the above topics but related
> to Promo could be published on the personal sites of the Promo team
> (perhaps hosted at the revised blogs.kde.org site [1]) and aggregated on
> Planet.
> What does the community think of this idea? Do you support it? Oppose it?
> Cheers,
> Joseph

The GSoC/SoK management team publishes blog posts on the Dot. Is there
an alternative where we can post?


> [1] https://discuss.kde.org/t/a-new-blogs-kde-org/5011
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