[discussion] archiving and retiring the Dot

Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss joseph at kde.org
Mon Oct 2 12:28:25 BST 2023

Dear all,

at the recent Promo Sprint we addressed the topic of Promo blogging and 
the Dot. The topic was brought up in the context of other discussions 
about blogging at KDE (see [1]). One observation was that the 
communication needs the Dot addresses are being fulfilled elsewhere. For 

  * Software releases are posted to the announcements page: 

  * e.V. news is posted at the e.V. page: https://ev.kde.org/news/

  * Many teams have their own blogs (https://eco.kde.org/blog/, 
https://gcompris.net/news-en.html, etc.)

  * Akademy updates are posted at the Akademy page: https://akademy.kde.org/

Posts to the above blogs also appear on Planet KDE. Moreover, Promo 
announces all news related to the above topics on social media as well.

In this context, a radical idea came up: perhaps we can archive and 
retire the Dot altogether.

What does the commmunity think about this proposal?

Archiving and retiring the Dot will solve the problem of migrating it, 
as it does not get migrated at all, just archived. It helps followers of 
KDE news discriminate more easily between what they want to read about 
and what not. And for followers who want to read everything there's 
always the Planet.

Additionally, retiring the Dot would help streamline our communication 
and the work that goes into maintaining it, also in terms of 
infrastructure. Any blog posts outside of the above topics but related 
to Promo could be published on the personal sites of the Promo team 
(perhaps hosted at the revised blogs.kde.org site [1]) and aggregated on 

What does the community think of this idea? Do you support it? Oppose it?


[1] https://discuss.kde.org/t/a-new-blogs-kde-org/5011

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