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> Greetings,
> I follow as one of my daily must-reads. However, some 
> of the
> posts that are syndicated in to the site are multiple pages long and on
> small screens, that translates to a LOT of scrolling.
> Would it be possible to determine if a post is more than X length and 
> then
> at a nearby natural break <P> or <BR> tag and insert something like "Read
> the full post." and link back to the URl in the title?
> It would make small screen reading much easier!


Not sure you know about this but there are two buttons on the left side 
of the page with which you can go one post up and down.

A number of people are used to seeing full posts, and with these two 
buttons they still have what they are used to, while there's a higher 
chance that you can do what you want too.


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