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> Hi,

Hi Samuel,

I do use KDE since SUSE 9.1 and love it.
> I like to contribute the wiki, but you make it really really hard for new
> members to give helping hand.
> I've looking now for > 30 minute and try to edit this page:
>  as there are dead-links on it.
> Even with the documentation how to edit a page (
> it's
> not possible.
> I don't see any of the noticed edit-icons or other way's to do it.
> You heavily need to optimize this... if not, you don't have to wonder if
> there is only a few amount of contributing persons. I think the mission is
> to make it easy like a breath to get new contributors on board.

Thanks for reaching out regarding this.

In terms of editing our wikis you will need to login first, for which
you'll be prompted by MyKDE for your KDE Identity login.
You can register one of those accounts at

After that you should be able to login, and on return to Userbase should
find all the edit controls there for you to use.

We had to disable public editing unfortunately due to the substantial abuse
we receive in the form of spam, etc.

Hope this helps!

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

> So be so kind to describe in detail, how I could edit those pages at
> (and please afterwards pin it to the page itself, so
> that willing contributors can join and wouldn't be blocked by complicated /
> not working descriptions)
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