No clue, how to support... info at
Fri Dec 3 12:44:36 GMT 2021

I do use KDE since SUSE 9.1 and love it.
I like to contribute the wiki, but you make it really really hard for 
new members to give helping hand.
I've looking now for > 30 minute and try to edit this page:  as there are dead-links on it.

Even with the documentation how to edit a page 
it's not possible.
I don't see any of the noticed edit-icons or other way's to do it.

You heavily need to optimize this... if not, you don't have to wonder if 
there is only a few amount of contributing persons. I think the mission 
is to make it easy like a breath to get new contributors on board.

So be so kind to describe in detail, how I could edit those pages at (and please afterwards pin it to the page itself, so 
that willing contributors can join and wouldn't be blocked by 
complicated / not working descriptions)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

         Samuel Suther

Suther Kommunikationsdesign  -

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