Juan Carlos Torres carlosdgtorres at
Mon May 20 00:51:16 BST 2019

Hi Carl,

Thank you for giving our documentation some much-needed attention and love.
As Jonathan mentioned,
there is, unfortunately, no formal documentation team yet though the work
is mostly split between
the localization/translation teams and the web team.

I'm currently working on updating developer documentation content
specifically, with a focus on apidocs
and the wikis., however, is definitely another area that we
need to work on soon though it's
a mix of both developer and end-user documentation. Looking forward to
having you on board as we get
the ball rolling on this.

Luigi, is there anything I can do to help (after my job is over)?
Admittedly, I'm not yet that familiar with
the backend that the docs website uses. I can lend a hand in a few weeks if
you need it. :)


Juan Carlos Torres
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