Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Mon May 13 00:30:56 BST 2019

Il 13 maggio 2019 00:40:01 CEST, Jonathan Riddell <jr at> ha scritto:
>Looks fabulous :)
>There's not much of an active web team these days alas.  It's not clear
>you've been working with others in KDE yet, I recommend making contact
>Juan Carlos Torres who does Docs if you haven't already.  There will
>to be a test site set up on KDE's servers so contact KDE sysadmin for
>get yourself a KDE developer account and ask syadmin for KDE git repos
>your docs code and Jekyll theme and commit them there.  Then we can
>test it
>and move to get it to replace the current docs site.

I'm technically the maintainer of thay website and I need to move few files around before accepting further changes. So please hold on for a while (and sorry).

>On Sun, 12 May 2019 at 21:52, Schwan carl <schwancarl at>
>> Hello kde-www team,
>> I'm currently rewriting the front end of
>> I still need to fix some
>> accessibility problems (screen reader user) but otherwise it's nearly
>> finish. So that should I do now?
>> I'm also writing a jekyll theme to replace some old websites:
>> It still works in
>> progress, some killer features aren't yet implemented: e.g
>> But I would love to get some feedback.
>> Regards
>> Carl Schwan



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