Revisiting the TechBase situation (2 proposals)

Olivier Churlaud olivier at
Thu Apr 4 21:47:47 BST 2019


Le jeudi 4 avril 2019, 11:33:10 CEST Juan Carlos Torres a écrit :
> On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 3:52 AM Olivier Churlaud <olivier at>
> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I agree 100% with what Friedrich wrote, which is nice because it's exactly
> > the line we decided back at CERN at the Wiki sprint.
> >
> > The community needs a place to synchronize and deal with organization
> > matters.
> > The devs who are out of KDE, as much as the one from within need an entry
> > point to contact knowledgeable people, to get documentation and tutorials.
> >
> > I clearly find a distinction here between community for the former and
> > techbase for the latter.
> >
> > This was the first step, defining the containers. Now there is a lot of
> > work to do to improve the content. I've seen that Nate and a lot of others
> > whose name I forgot (really sorry guys'n'gals) made changes on the
> > onboarding parts that already improved the situation, but it is certain
> > that it can still become better.
> >
> > If it's not clear, I wouldn't do neither of your propositions, but try to
> > find a nice frame to show outside people that they can reliabily use our
> > software (on tech/userbase.ko), and to help potential contributors finding
> > their way to the community (on community.ko).
> >
> Thank you for your input. Considering no one else has responded (unless
> someone does belatedly)
> I guess this is pretty much the consensus of those involved with the Wikis.
> I will draw up some
> next steps we can take based on this for updating and improving this area
> of our developer docs.
> Basically, aside from brushing up the tutorials and information, we
> probably also need to make the
> point of the wikis clearer. Simply saying "external developers" on the
> front page might not be enough.
> Olivier, is the decision made at the Wiki written down somewhere? It might
> be good to have it
> on the Community Wiki for future reference as well as a guide to help
> documentation writers
> in figuring out where to put certain docs and tutorials.

Things are mostly here :

Everything else was mostly on and on the white board. We only kept the result.

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