Password Recovery

Don Robertson (don) don at
Wed Nov 21 21:28:05 GMT 2018

Hi - how do I recover my password if I don't remember my username? I need both a user name and an email address to reset password. Do I need to create a new email address every time I want to log into the KDE forums?

Honestly - did nobody think that requiring both a username and a password would cause problems? I've used KDE since Kandalf, and don't often need to ask questions - I have probably didn't even need a password manager last time I logged in ....

Okay - so I found it in an old encrypted file on backup that hasn't been used for years. Now not only to I have to figure out why my address book isn't syncing, I have wasted most of the morning just logging in. You do want to know when people have problems, right?

Tempting to just go back to thunderbird.

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