Please state that kde-www is a public newsletter.

Ricard Anufriev ricardwork at
Thu Mar 29 18:55:31 UTC 2018

The website states: "Design byKDE Webteam. <mailto:kde-www at>" 
(which is an email)

I've encountered a bug and wrote to the webteam to help fix a problem. 
Now I've seen that you just publish everything (including my signature 
(name) as well as the email address) openly visible to everybody.

Of course I could have "done the research" and found out that kde-www is 
not a team but a public mailing list, but I didn't. You should add some 
kind of privacy warning or similar disclaimer.

Not sure if it is possible, but if someone could redact my full name and 
mail from this and the previous conversation it would be great. Maybe 
some of the spam crawlers haven't crawled yet.

Ricard Anufriev

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