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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Mar 12 23:05:09 UTC 2018

El divendres, 9 de març de 2018, a les 14:08:44 CET, Harald Sitter va 
> quick fyi: I am working on a change for the backend data of applications
> new tech is meant to automatically crawl appstream appdata out of CI
> builds. eventually, I'd like that to be an api service you can talk to
> for app metadata (for now it's still on-disk blobs though).
> the data is mostly similar to the json blobs we have right now, albeit
> different keys (also the blobs contain localization data)
> the overall format is outlined here (except we dump json instead of yaml):
> please also keep this in mind for the new website. so long as the
> frontend bits are sufficiently abstract from the backing data we
> should be fine though.
> I hope to get this done today so it's easier to know what I am talking
> about.

Can we please next time get some heads up before you commit things on 

It's the second time in a row you commit things to and break it and it 
lowers my morale a lot.

The idea of autogenerating files is good, it's how the original json files 
where generated, sadly your commit has caused regressions.

There's dozens of broken links now, like for example, second link (for me) at

As maintainer of rsibreak i find it to be an unacceptable regression. 

Also two months ago we agreed on this very list to still show unmaintained 
applications (with an unmaintained marker) for the same very reason of not 
breaking links.

So what we need is a applications/ subfolder that at least contains the same 
data it contained before your change, if it contains less data for any 
application, that is a regression and even if it does show better data for 
other apps I do not feel it's an acceptable loss, even more without having had 
any discussion about it with the people that kept that data up to date.

Best Regards,

> HS

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