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Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Thu Mar 8 06:56:00 UTC 2018

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 12:24 AM, Sebastian K├╝gler <sebas at kde.org> wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi all,

> The new www.kde.org website (just www.kde.org, no subdomains for now!) seems
> to be almost good to go live, so let's discuss how this can be done in the
> most smooth way. We want to iron out remaining issues before the switch and
> have the migration go smoothly. This means, anybody who sees problems, please
> speak before March 12th up and help fix them!

Sorry, but where did the March 12th deadline come from? It's the first
time i've heard about it.

> The new website is being developed under https://www-backstage.kde.org/
> Supposedly, we can move the current/old website to www-legacy.kde.org for the
> time being after the switch-over so we have something to compare against and
> then retire the old site at a later date?
> Ben, would that strategy work, do you think? Anything we need to keep in mind?

The old site can be kept alive for some time under a different name
with no issue.
Capacity doesn't really care what hostname it serves under, although
hardcoded links may be another issue of course.

> Haris, same question. :) What needs to happen from your side before we're
> ready to switch?
> Also, the new site is done using wordpress, we have a few people who need
> access here so we can update bits and pieces. I'm thinking of release
> managers, marketing / promo, at the very least. Others that I didn't think of
> yet? Perhaps we could look at the list of people who have svn access to kde-
> www right now and pick from that group. I guess some accounts with www commit
> bit are outdated, probably a decent opportunity to weed this list out anyway?
> I'll send a separate email to release-team and kde-promo asking for people to
> raise hands for WKO access. CC: will go to this list.

I've taken a look at the content, and can see the following issues:

1) A significant number of links appear to have been hardcoded to
include /index.php/ for some reason. I've taken a look at the
Wordpress settings and have fixed the misconfiguration causing it to
want to put that in there in the first place however existing
hardcoding will have to be fixed manually.

2) For the announcements which were imported, the permalinks haven't
been setup to keep compatibility with existing links, and it looks
like various links on the imported pages point to the old site still.

3) How will the donations be tracked under the new Wordpress based
system? We currently have a small bit of custom code which keeps a
record of donations which are made via the "One Off Donations"
mechanism (Paypal sends us an out-of-band notification), also allowing
donors to attribute a name or other comment to their donation.

4) Do you have any plans for handling the security release notices
(see https://www.kde.org/info/security/)?

5) The application pages appear to have been imported using straight
HTML. In terms of the various category pages are there any plans to
assist in keeping these maintainable in the long run?

In relation to comments others have made:

To my knowledge, no plugin which works with gettext based systems
exists for Wordpress. All Wordpress plugins which I have seen rely on
their own mechanisms for translating page content, usually driven
through the Wordpress interface itself. To integrate with our
translation teams workflow we would need to author a custom plugin
(probably a case of some custom markup to trigger a run through
gettext functions and a cronjob to run once a day to export the page

In terms of keeping compatibility of old links, i'm a little
disappointed that the detail I provided on how to keep Capacity
content functional using a custom Wordpress plugin as an interim
measure hasn't been used as that will help make the transition easier
in terms of keeping old content available until it can be either
replaced or suitably archived (in the case of announcements and the

> Anything else?
> --
> sebas


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