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Wed Mar 7 15:06:59 UTC 2018

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On woensdag 7 maart 2018 15:31:50 CET Nick Boyce wrote:
> On 7 March 2018 at 11:31, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at> wrote:
> > We have been working on a modernized website and backend for
> > The new site will do away with the old PHP custom CMS and will run
> > wordpress instead.
> Sorry to be late to this party .... I'm just following along at home
> here, but as a sysadmin with a reasonable level of interest in
> defending systems against breakin I choke on my breakfast as I read
> this statement.
> To avoid my wasting everyone's time by repeating debates I'm sure must
> already have occurred in depth regarding this decision, can anyone
> please point me to any publicly accessible archive there may be of
> such debate ?

There have been two threads discussing this in the past months:

* "Capacity / Wordpress Integration Theme" in August 2017
* "Wordpress Changeover" in December 2017

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