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Sat Jan 27 19:48:24 UTC 2018

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM, Daniele "Mte90" Scasciafratte
<mte90net at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,

Hi Daniele,

> I don't know the styleguide, so mine was an experiment after the discovering
> that is using the default theme of bugzilla (I wasn't opening
> the site from a while).
> After a little chat with Elvis Angelaccio he suggested me to try and give to
> me few links.
> I was remembering the old one
> ( so after
> the discovery of new theme of Mozilla Bugzilla
> (, I said maybe is cool also for KDE.
> I saw the old theme code on
> and the new (by Mozilla) on (that is
> not complete).
> I was new also on bugzilla (that is quite complicated compared to other web
> CMS for development) so I done few commits
> ( and you can see a screenshot
> I used that project only because it was using vagrant (very easy to scratch
> with that) and trying to maintain the Mozilla quantum style of
> project, because (on my opinion) is very
> modern than the usual one (and is not yet finished).
> Also I found old emails on the mailing lists (i don't remember where) about
> the problem of maintaining a theme without so many help or effort.
> So maybe using the Mozilla new version (in development) as base can simplify
> for the future, but again I don't know the styleguide of KDE so it was an
> experiment (very simple) to see what I can do.

Thanks for posting this. The screenshot definitely looks more 'KDE' in
comparison to the current theme.
If you're happy to maintain such a theme going forward into the future
we could definitely look at deploying that - a proactive maintainer
who keeps on top of compatibility is really the biggest issue here.

> Ciao to everybody!

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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