Need HTML/CSS help for Konqueror's about page

Grzegorz Szymaszek gszymaszek at
Mon Jul 10 09:39:05 UTC 2017


It seems Chromium interprets the following (lines 23–24):

<div id="headerL"/>
<div id="headerR"/>

like this:

<div id="headerL">
  <div id="headerR"></div>

In HTML, a div must have both opening and closing tags, so you should
change the original code to:

<div id="headerL"></div>
<div id="headerR"></div>

to make it render correctly. You will face the same problem in lines
101 and 104.

Other issues:

1. kde_infopage.css:6: replace `height="100%"; width="100%"` with
`height: 100%; width: 100%`.
2. kde_infopage.css:13: I’m not sure of browser’s behaviour when it
encounters an HTML comment in a CSS file.

Good luck!

W dniu 10.07.2017, pon o godzinie 11∶11 +0200, użytkownik David Faure
> Hello there,
> I'm porting the Konqueror about page from KHTML to WebEngine,
> and it turns out that the same CSS/HTML doesn't render the same in
> both 
> engines.
> In WebEngine (and Firefox, for that matter) it's all squished to the
> left of 
> the page.
> Can someone with CSS/HTML knowledge send me a modified version of the
> attached 
> files so that they render correctly in e.g. Chromium ?
> (then it should be fine for konqueror+webengine as well)
> You'll have to adjust the paths to the CSS files in the HTML file of
> course
> (and the paths to the icons, but that's not really the issue).
> Thanks - please CC me, I don't read kde-devel@ or kde-www at .

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