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Ken Vermette vermette at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 10:55:24 UTC 2017

Hello everyone;

I have some updates I'd like to share, and also a plan I'd like to propose
for the changeover. I also have some phabricator backlogs and changes I
missed, so I'll be going over those, so if you're subscribed to them, this
is a summary.

I've committed the new Aether Wordpress theme. Jonathan Riddell has kindly
started to test it on his blog, and I'm prepping an update to address some
issues I've found on his live installation. My personal blog also has the
theme (with more complete customizations you'll expect to see) however the
content is generic.

Once I do some of the remaining cleanup and address concerns with the
theme, I'll be committing the final capacitypress code (even though it is
meant to be theme agnostic, I have found breakages after significant
changes). Once the code is up, it will be in a 'beta mode' initially, and
we can toggle the Wordpress theme for capacity-driven pages.

What I'd like to try is for a new-years theme changeover. If the timeline
is too tight for the testing people want to do, I understand, but I believe
I can have the theme in beta mode on the day before or after Christmas,
giving us ~3-4 days to inspect live pages in the beta state. All of the
content will remain the same, but the capacity-driven pages will change
over to the new look. I've been testing this quite a bit on my local
installation, and it seems to translate smoothly.

The only testing 'gotcha' is that some pages using redirects will 404 under
beta mode. They do work fine when capacitypress is fully enabled.

How does this sound for a short-term goal?

On a side note, I'm very sorry for how out-of-touch I've been lately. I
know it's been a major hassle and caused issues. I hope getting things up
will help make up for that. I have some chat and phabricator backlogs I'm
catching up on now, so the people who need specifics will get the updates
they need.

Thank you;
 - Ken
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