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Le 20/05/2016 à 09:50, Valorie Zimmerman a écrit :

> On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 5:06 AM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at> wrote:
>> Le 18/05/2016 à 02:07, Valorie Zimmerman a écrit :
>>> Hi folks, someone in #kde-www mentioned at many links to
>>> are still on techbase, so I logged in and started
>>> cleaning them up.
>>> This page: has
>>> loads of links, and I don't seem to be able to find Quickgit
>>> alternatives. Examples:
>>> "The '''Qt KDE''' module is a clone of the latest Qt release." - but I
>>> can find no quickgit link.
>>> kdesupport -- same.
>>> In fact, I'm giving up on fixing that page, and would ask for someone
>>> more knowledgeable than me to login and fix it.
>>> I believe that at some point it will probably be moved to Community
>>> wiki once accurate and up-to-date, since it no longer fits the
>>> definition of what Techbase is for.
>>> Valorie
>> Hi,
>> Theses links should not be updated since they should be removed from
>> techbase. Please edit the pages on community instead.
>> All the pages concerning getting the sources etc... are outdated and were
>> moved to community. Sadly enough, this one was forgotten it seems.
>> I'll think of moving it in a near future.
>> Cheers
>> Olivier
> I agree that they mostly should be on Community, however, they are
> *not*. I don't know how to move them, or how to leave re-directs. I
> changed bad links into correct ones. When or if they are moved, they
> will be correct.
> Valorie

Yes they are not: in the first answer I sent, I thought they were and
that I just forgot to remove the page.

Now the question I'm asking myself, is: what does this page bring to
users/contributors? It gives a not-so-up-to-date list with links
pointing to the same direction. In my opinion, the information of "our
projects can be found on this website" is important, but keeping such a
list is 1) more work 2) not so fair for projects that are not in it.

So I just wonder if we should keep it this way, and if yes, where would
it make sense to have such a list. I don't have any answers coming to my


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