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Olivier Churlaud olivier at
Wed May 18 12:06:44 UTC 2016

Le 18/05/2016 à 02:07, Valorie Zimmerman a écrit :

> Hi folks, someone in #kde-www mentioned at many links to
> are still on techbase, so I logged in and started
> cleaning them up.
> This page: has
> loads of links, and I don't seem to be able to find Quickgit
> alternatives. Examples:
> "The '''Qt KDE''' module is a clone of the latest Qt release." - but I
> can find no quickgit link.
> kdesupport -- same.
> In fact, I'm giving up on fixing that page, and would ask for someone
> more knowledgeable than me to login and fix it.
> I believe that at some point it will probably be moved to Community
> wiki once accurate and up-to-date, since it no longer fits the
> definition of what Techbase is for.
> Valorie


Theses links should not be updated since they should be removed from 
techbase. Please edit the pages on community instead.

All the pages concerning getting the sources etc... are outdated and 
were moved to community. Sadly enough, this one was forgotten it seems.

I'll think of moving it in a near future.


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