Report of documentation page "Building KStars KF5"

Giovanni Grieco giovanni.grc96 at
Thu May 12 10:47:48 UTC 2016

Dear KDE TechBase,
I was trying to build KStars on *Fedora* with KDE following this guide ( and I
found that the guide is a little outdated and lacks some necessary
packages. Here is the correct command that I used to download all the
packages required by KStars (I have marked changes with bold letters):

*sudo dnf install cfitsio-devel eigen3-devel cmake
extra-cmake-modules.noarch kf5-kconfig-devel kf5-kdbusaddons-devel
kf5-kdoctools-devel kf5-kguiaddons-devel kf5-ki18n-devel
kf5-kiconthemes-devel kf5-kinit-devel kf5-kio-devel kf5-kjobwidgets-devel
kf5-knewstuff-devel kf5-kplotting-devel kf5-ktexteditor-devel
kf5-kwidgetsaddons-devel kf5-kwindowsystem-devel kf5-kxmlgui-devel
k5-kcrash-devel kf5-knotifications-devel libindi-devel libindi-static
qt5-qtdeclarative-devel qt5-qtmultimedia-devel qt5-qtsvg-devel wcslib-devel
xplanet zlib-devel*

Note: yum package manager has been deprecated but there is a
backward-compatibility layer in the latest versions of Fedora. So if you
want to maintain support for old versions, you are free to not replace
"yum" with "dnf".

Personally I don't know how to make directly these changes and contribute,
so I will thank you if any contributor could do this to provide an easy
setup environment to all the people that want to compile KStars. Thanks for
your patience.

Best regards.
Giovanni Grieco
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