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> Subject: Re: Long Term / KDE.org Design Update
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> Hey folks:)
> I hate to be naggy about this but having a better web presence at kde.org
> is really important. It is one of the strategically important tasks I laid
> out for the year at Akademy. the Where are we with this? How can other
> people help?
I'm taking care of api.kde.org, l10n and in a near future lxr and 
docs.kde.org. Is a lot of work and I'm slowly creating a design chart 
for the web with the VDG. Ken Vermette is working on kde.org, but I 
can't tell how far he is.

I'll register in a little time to kde-promo to share all this, but I 
have currently quite a lot of parallel tasks.

I think someone should open a task in phabricator (category websites) 
and list everything which should be done regarding to our web 
presence.... I don't have time for that this week but I think it would 
be a first step to have all this written somewhere.

> Cheers
> Lydia

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