[kde-doc-english] doc site: application-centered view, new doc generator

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Thu Apr 16 23:15:47 UTC 2015

Burkhard Lück ha scritto:
> Am Donnerstag, 16. April 2015, 01:28:50 schrieb Luigi Toscano:
>> Feedback appreciate (hoping I don't need to throw out everything :)
> Great work, thanks a lot.
> Some minor nitpicking, mostly due to code/doc moves from runtime to other 
> modules e.g kf5 workspace
> * apps like KHelpcenter and afaik all kcm docs in section kde-runtime have no 
> kdelibs4 based development branch, devel branch is in workspace and kf5 based.

kde-runtime is still developed and tagged from master :)

> * missing $appdisplayname_array entriy for baloo / File Search Settings
I also fixed kioslave5 so that they are shown separately.

> * kdelibs/ioslaves have kf5 devel branches in frameworks
Uh, right, maybe a Frameworks section? Putting it under kdelibs could be
confusing. Or maybe we can renamed the unified library module as "Libraries".
I will experiment a bit.

>> Translation teams, please check if it seems correct (at least, the
>> kdelibs4-based part compared to the current website). I wrote, help is
>> needed to understand what's going wrong with es and fr PDF documentation.
>> What do you think? Can I promote it as official generator?
> I'd say yes, it is much better and more complete than the current site.

Thanks, let's wait few days to fix those issues and then I will switch.


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