doc site: application-centered view, new doc generator

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Wed Apr 15 23:28:50 UTC 2015

Hi,, which is the server , now shows also KF5-based
documentation. In order to achieve this, I introduced other changes which can
be checked from the "dev/flexgenerator" branch of

- application-centric view; you can select  the language and the group or the
application, and all available branches are shown. For now only the "live"
branches are shown, but the change will allow to handle "old" branches.

- compatibility with the old /development/en/... URL is ensured through code
and Apache rewrite rules, but the idea is to use the index.php... syntax more.

- new generator script in python, with better support for logging
(configurable, thanks to python logging module), totally driven by
confiuration files, with isolated environment-specific code (kdelibs4 vs kf5).
Requirements: python2.7 (most likely not working with 3, for now), python-svn,
python-git (newer than 0.3.6, on Jessie I had to use the experimental package).
If you want to test it, tune the configuration file and run:

./ -v -r -g -s -f -c docgen_conf.ini

./ for details; extended logging with -l doclogconfig.ini

- French and Spanish PDF generation is disabled because of errors. This does
*not* depend on the new generator, but something related with the new TeXLive
(the distribution was upgraded because of the cmake requirements), so it would
have happened anyway. Help appreciated, you just run

- read the name of the branches from kde_projects.xml and implement support
for keeping old branches.
- fix the search engine to feed both trunk branches for development and both
stable branches for stable. Longer todo: find a better search engine
(elasticsearch?), the current one has too many hardcoded/KDE-specific settings
- find some web designer to redo the presentation part of the site.

Feedback appreciate (hoping I don't need to throw out everything :)
Translation teams, please check if it seems correct (at least, the
kdelibs4-based part compared to the current website). I wrote, help is needed
to understand what's going wrong with es and fr PDF documentation.

What do you think? Can I promote it as official generator?


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