kde.de Status

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzerf at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 12:23:10 UTC 2014

On 09/29/2014 12:59 PM, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> Dear Frederik,
> you seem to be the last one that touched the kde.de website content.
> Thanks for your work on the page, but unfortunately it seems a bit outdated
> content wise.
> Given that not many people had time do help with maintaining it, would you oppose
> a change to redirect it to kde.org until a refresh of the page is feasible?
> Its a bit sad to see that for german users (like me) no kde frameworks 5 and Co.
> exists.
> I CC'd the kde-www list, as we had there a small discussion about the current
> state of our websites and kde.de came up.

Jep, I know. I adopted the page years ago from the former maintainer, 
who did not have the time to update it furter. Except for updating the 
main page for a bit, I mainly removed terribly outdated stuff.

So, yes, i am fine with redirecting kde.de to kde.org. I heard there is 
a translation thingy in place on kde.org. Is it already working 
properly? Can we link there maybe?


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