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Ranveer Aggarwal ranveeraggarwal at
Fri Nov 7 19:16:15 UTC 2014

Project Title:

For the uninitiated, Planet KDE is KDE's Blog aggregator, i.e. it displays
feeds from the blogs of KDE contributors on one common web platform.

It's been in existence since 2008, and uses Rawdog (A Python-based RSS
Aggregator). It renders all the content on to a single HTML file, which can
be customized.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is to revamp the existing website, in the
following ways:
* Upgrade Rawdog to its newest version
* Give the website a new look and feel, with mobile compatibility
* Add social network feeds to it, if the APIs permit

So here is what I have roughly planned:
* Firstly, I'll read through the rawdog docs, and try a small
implementation locally. [By November 24th]
* Next, I'll go through the existing source code, and see how it is
written, especially the rawdog-HTML/CSS integration. [By November 30th]
* After the basic requirement of aggregating blogs is done, I'll go through
the API documentations of social networking websites and work on the
integration with the website, again locally. [By December 7th]
* After understanding how things work in the above two steps, I'll make a
rough mockup of the new design and that can be discussed and improved upon.
[Will be done concurrently; will be finalized by December 10th]
* Then I'll develop the front-end part of the website [By December 20th]
* After that is done, add rawdog and the social network APIs to it. [By
December 30th]
* Finalizing the code, adding finishing touches, adding new features if
possible [Thereafter]
Again, this is a rough timeline. Any improvements/suggestions would be
The first step is going to experience some delay because I have my
semester-end examinations from 10th to 22nd of November.

Mentor for the Project:
Jonathan Riddell

About me:
I'm Ranveer and I'm a third year undergraduate pursuing bachelors in
Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology,
Bombay. I have been programming for the past two years and this is my first
time as an open source contributor.

Any input from the community would be much appreciated.

Ranveer Aggarwal
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