[www.kde.org] [Bug 317553] www.kde.org webpages should not set font-size of unstyled body text and should comply with 100% Easy-2-Read Std

Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Sat Mar 30 01:02:39 UTC 2013


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--- Comment #2 from Ingo Malchow <imalchow at kde.org> ---
First, it is a lie that your first link doesn't provide a font-size to its body
or paragraphs. It does set some rem based font size.
Second, notice the difference between the links you provided and what the KDE
websites drive. A single column, no functions, no nothing, plain simple html
page. This is very well done, if you have nothing more than just some texts,
followed hierarchically. 
But it tends to break when you try to do complex layouts in a lot of different
CMS. And that is the situation with KDE, we have a lot of them, and a lot of
functionality that needs to be put somewhere, e.g. sidebars, horizontal bars,
buttons, boxes etc. Now imagine how hard it will get when you just try to
strike out any font declaration. Bad idea, especially considering, users
favourites are something between 6px and 20px... 

Then, the referenced page from www.kde.org does use an old theme, which is no
longer maintained. The newer themes use an em/rem approach, which is far more
flexible regarding dimensions.

Another point, we do use a specific font (on the new themes). We do so because
we believe it is the most readable font, not only aesthetically pleasing. This
of course removes the choice from the user, but for good hopefully.

So, all in all, valid points you raise, the maintenance horror overweighs
though. This is no screenreader blogpage, this is a set of around a dozen
different CMS that need to be themed and work properly. 

Oh, and i know the forum post, we have discussed there before. Rejected there,
rejected here. Any other accessibility request is welcome.

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