Migration from kde.gr.jp to kde.org

Jumpei Ogawa phanective at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 08:47:29 UTC 2013

Hi Ben.
Thank you for your instruction.

>> - website space
> What technology is your site based off?
> Is it static, basic php, a full blown CMS such as Wordpress, etc?

We use Capacity framework, so same as kde.org website (Basic PHP.)

> > - mailing list (kde-jp at kde.org)
> > We currently have 4 mailing lists, (with mailman) but we'd like to
> > those 4 to kde-jp, so can you import the archives?
> That is possible I believe.

> To get the ball rolling here, can you submit two sysadmin requests
> using the form at https://bugs.kde.org/enter_sysadmin_request.cgi?

OK, I'll submit it later.

> > And we may abandon kde.gr.jp, so we may ask some @kde.org mail addresses
> > later.

We've decided not to move @kde.org. We will keep kde.gr.jp on our new
server (Amazon Web Service)
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