[kde-promo] Publish date with announcements?

Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Fri Mar 1 14:46:45 UTC 2013

Am Freitag, 1. März 2013, 14:26:54 schrieb Martin Klapetek:
> > Is that really so much of an issue? I mean, you specifically searched for
> > an
> > old version, it's not like the information is misleading, or that people
> > will
> > be confused easily. It sounds a bit like overthinking it, to me.
> I don't think it's really that big issue; also it's not about confusion,
> but about incomplete information. Of course people can get the date
> anywhere else (like wiki), but why should they? Especially if they are
> brought directly to the announcement from a search engine. It's an
> important piece of information that imho should accompany the announcement.
> Checking couple other companies' press releases (Google, Nokia...), all of
> them adds published date. And I don't really see any reason not to, that's
> why I brought it up :)
> Cheers

Considering sebas (sadly but understandably) stepped back from release duties, 
and a new minor release is around the corner, why not just do it without 
getting caught in a discussion? Whoever will commit into svn would need to 
adapt to the process anyway, and adding a single line might be the least 
problem ;)
Just sayin'

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