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Tue Feb 5 03:36:19 UTC 2013

Greetings Administrative Volunteers of *UserBase*,
I have some questions about Krita your graphics program.My apologies if 
I am sending this to the wrong address, if this is the case, please 
forward it to the correct department or person.

I am searching for instructions on how to use this program.Thus far, I 
could only find an online manual that is still under construction.What 
was complete was written with the programmer not the artist in mind. (Or 
perhaps only artists well versed in programming.) Some of the sample art 
on the Krita home page appeared to be of a much higher quality than what 
I have seen with the Gimp or Inkscape but ( in comparison to the 
aforementioned programs) at this time the support for Krita seems sadly 
In closing, please note that I have not yet used_any_ computer graphics 
program. My background is in traditional media. Please direct me to 
where I may find some clear directions for beginners attempting to use 
this program.
Thank you.
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