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Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Dec 10 19:17:54 UTC 2013

El Diumenge, 8 de desembre de 2013, a les 16:31:20, Valorie Zimmerman va 
> Hi folks, I know this is a bit unusual, but I'm writing to both the
> Doc team and web team simultaneously because the Kubuntu Doc team has
> a problem, and it is possible y'all can help us, if you are willing.
> Right now, we develop our documentation on the ubuntu wiki system,
> which is MoinMoin. This works well in that there is a low bar to entry
> for new folks, and errors can be fixed on the fly. Of course much of
> the documentation our users need is either on the Ubuntu system or the
> excellent KDE system, and much of our docs merely points or includes
> that material.
> There are problems as well. Moinmoin has no good system for exporting
> docs to Docbook so they can be included in the ISO, and there is no
> easy way to let translators help us internationalize once the
> documentation is complete and up-to-date.
> We wonder if it would be possible to move our wiki over to the KDE
> mediawiki system, with its wonderful translator helps. We could do
> this either as a standalone part of the system, sort of off to the
> side, or what we would prefer: be an actual part of Userbase, as part
> of /Distributions or similar.
> After translations are done, then perhaps we can get the help of the
> Doc team to get the Docbook magic done, so that we have the necessary
> packages to distribute to our users.
> A few of us have brought some of these ideas to the teams in IRC, but
> we're getting to the time in the release cycle where we have to make
> some decisions.
> What do you think?

Just to make sure I understand, Kubuntu wants to move all it's documentation 
away from its existing *ubuntu* domain to *kde* domain?


> Valorie

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