Kubuntu documentation

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 00:31:20 UTC 2013

Hi folks, I know this is a bit unusual, but I'm writing to both the
Doc team and web team simultaneously because the Kubuntu Doc team has
a problem, and it is possible y'all can help us, if you are willing.

Right now, we develop our documentation on the ubuntu wiki system,
which is MoinMoin. This works well in that there is a low bar to entry
for new folks, and errors can be fixed on the fly. Of course much of
the documentation our users need is either on the Ubuntu system or the
excellent KDE system, and much of our docs merely points or includes
that material.

There are problems as well. Moinmoin has no good system for exporting
docs to Docbook so they can be included in the ISO, and there is no
easy way to let translators help us internationalize once the
documentation is complete and up-to-date.

We wonder if it would be possible to move our wiki over to the KDE
mediawiki system, with its wonderful translator helps. We could do
this either as a standalone part of the system, sort of off to the
side, or what we would prefer: be an actual part of Userbase, as part
of /Distributions or similar.

After translations are done, then perhaps we can get the help of the
Doc team to get the Docbook magic done, so that we have the necessary
packages to distribute to our users.

A few of us have brought some of these ideas to the teams in IRC, but
we're getting to the time in the release cycle where we have to make
some decisions.

What do you think?


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