[UserBase] Marking files (or pages) for deletion

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Thu Apr 25 09:54:02 UTC 2013

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On 23/04/13 15:01, Adrián Chaves Fernández wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to delete a file in KDE UserBase, and image (specific to
> the Galician translation) that is not needed any more. And I do not
> have permissions to remove the image myself.
> I first looked in http://userbase.kde.org/Tasks_and_Tools , where
> I found no documentation about removing pages or files from the
> wiki.
> In other wikis (namely Wikimedia wikis) it is custom to mark pages
> for deletion using a specific template. This template adds a
> message and a category to the pages containing it. Later, users
> with permission to delete images can review the pages and files in
> the target category and delete them if it?s OK. However, I did not
> find a template like this in 
> http://userbase.kde.org/Special:UncategorizedTemplates or 
> http://userbase.kde.org/Special:UnusedTemplates
> What should I do?
> Thanks, Adrian
> PS: Note to self, the page to remove is 
> http://userbase.kde.org/File:ContextPane-gl.png
Thanks for drawing attention to this.  Yes, only Admins can delete
pages.  I have created a Pages for Deletion where such pages can be
listed, and also put a link into Tasks and Tools.  I also checked that
both are found from Search :-)

Please test the system by adding your png entry, so that we can be
sure that notifications are picked up by admins.

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