Neverland theme (like in dot KDE) to Wordpress

Filipe Saraiva filipe at
Wed Oct 24 20:24:04 UTC 2012


I am Filipe Saraiva, a kde-edu developer (Cantor) and a member of KDE
Brazil promo team.

I started a work to lead Neverland theme, like used in dot KDE
website, from Drupal to Wordpress.
This work is very advanced. I need some more work in sidebar, but I
think it is ready to send to Neverland repository.

I put this theme in my blog to show it to you

I would appreciate yours feedback and would like to ask if I can send
this code to the repository.
I wrote the code of this theme in a new folder, wordpress-blog,
created in themes folder from Neverland repository.


Filipe Saraiva

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