[KDE Usability] Openusability.org link is broken on wiki page - can you help?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Thu Dec 20 10:45:04 UTC 2012

On 19/12/2012 20:35, Björn Balazs wrote:
> Hi Anne, all,
> after investigation I come to the conclusion that the linked file is lost. 
> The wiki has been on the OU.org server for an extremely short period of 
> time years ago, before it was migrated into techbase (or whatever it was 
> called at that times). We cannot find the file on our server and also 
> archive.org seems to have no version of it.
> Unless someone like perhaps Celeste has a local copy of it, I would 
> suggest to remove the link.
> Sorry for not having better news.
Thanks for letting me know the situation.  I have removed the links and
slightly adjusted the wording.  I'd appreciate it if you would check the
new wording in the fourth paragraph, and adjust if you feel it is not
clear enough.  Thanks.


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