[Bug 305249] New: "Alphabetical List" page is less useful than before

Jonathan Marten jjm at keelhaul.me.uk
Thu Aug 16 10:33:14 UTC 2012


            Bug ID: 305249
          Severity: normal
               URL: http://api.kde.org/4.8-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kdecore/htm
           Version: unspecified
          Priority: NOR
          Assignee: kde-www at kde.org
           Summary: "Alphabetical List" page is less useful than before
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: All
          Reporter: jjm at keelhaul.me.uk
          Hardware: Other
            Status: NEW
         Component: general
           Product: www.kde.org

(This bug is for api.kde.org, but there seems to be no bug category or
component for that).

The most useful page for KDE API information was the "Alphabetical List" for
each kdelibs component - I normally kept a series of tabs open with the index
for each one (kdecore, kdeui, kfile, etc) loaded in them.  Since a few months
ago the skin for api.kde.org was changed and this approach is no longer useful
for two reasons:

1.  The page title now simply says "Class Index" instead of "kdecore Class
Index".  This means that the pages can no longer be distinguished by the tab
title, they all identically say "Class Index".

2.  The listing is far too wide because of some long template class names which
are not word wrapped or abbreviated.  This means that much horizontal scrolling
is needed to reach the alphabetically later entries.  See attached screen shot
(from the kdecore URL as above).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
View the API documentation page as above.

Actual Results:  
No identifying page/tab title.
Alphabetical listing is too wide, see screen shot.

Expected Results:  
Page/tab title should identify the component.
Listing should be usable without horizontal scrolling.

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