Ruby Hacker Wanted II (chilly theme issue)

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Thu Aug 9 18:55:04 UTC 2012

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Am 09.08.2012 20:44, schrieb Alex-P. Natsios:
> Hello People,
> I am Alex , i have played with Chilly project / redmine in the past
> and i got some experience with plugins/ theming for it 
> (unfortunately i have no work to show). I know that this is really 
> late (more than a week after Toma and at least a week after 
> neverendingo's post) but if you are still in need of a ruby hacker 
> i would be glad to help with Integrating Neverland to p.k.o --
> Best Regards,
> Alex-P. Natsios (a.k.a Drakevr)

Hey Alex,

thanks for also stepping up, highly appreciated. Of course there were
also some interested persons already, but that doesn't mean you
couldn't work together on it, especially since you seem to have some
experience with chili already.
Best would be to contact us in a realtime channel like IRC, see my
blogpost for the 2 channels we mostly are in.
If you are uncomfortable with IRC, we can of course still keep it the
email way.
Usually it is easier to answer short questions in those realtime
channels, even if it sometimes needs a bit of time until one of our
timezones gets active :P
But in any case, shoot your questions.

- -- 
Ingo Malchow
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